Charity Week Lookbook

Hey everyone! If you are following me over on Instagram you may have known that before the country went into lock down, and schools, colleges and Universities were cancelled until March 29, or as I anticipate, indefinitely, there was Charity Week. Charity Week, formerly known as RAG Week (Raise and Give) is a week organized by the student union whereby charities are nominated, and events are ran over the course of the week. The proceeds to all the events are divided between the respective charities. It’s a big week in the second semester of the academic year, and I was particularly excited this year, as I’ve never wholly enjoyed it due to commitments with boxing competitions. I like playing with fashion, sometimes I get it, sometimes I don’t, but I experiment, and through trial and error, and the feedback from my friends I get there. I like sharing what creations I come up with, and so I figured a lookbook for the week gone could be somewhat inspirational for anyone that would be interested.



For our club night, I had wanted to dress up, that said I will always choose a bit more comfort and warmth for a little less glam. I decided against the possibility of freezing my legs off, and dressed myself in head to toe Penneys. This crop top is a firm favourite of mine, and has popped up on lookbooks I’ve created before. It’s Penneys old stock, and was approximately €4 when I picked it up.

These leggings are also pretty old Penneys stock. However, I kinda forgot about them until the other week. I believe they were around €14, and I picked them up during Christmas time a few years ago. I teamed my outfit with my black leather buckle boots, which I’ve been loving lately, and very stripped back makeup- I refrained from tan, and equaled my makeup to match.



Tuesday may possibly have been one of my favourite outfits, if not my favourite. I am obsessed with bright colours, and so was delighted when I was allowed borrow this amazing pink- sequin bandeau top for my sister, which she picked up in New Look for €30. I paired with black jeans, but for an extra pop of colour threw my yellow shell jacket (Depop, €30) for warmth.



Wednesday was a rest day, on account of my FYP being due Thursday afternoon. I wanted to get the finishing touches done, and so my outfit was very relaxed and casual, suitable for me to do a few errands such as pop into college and get my project printed and bound. I picked this jumper up a before Christmas in the student discount evening the H&M in the Crescent. I believe it was approximately €10, and I love it.

This jacket is from Pretty Little Thing, it retailed at €30.



Thursdays outfit was a little more stripped back, and minimalist, especially in comparison to Tuesdays array of colours. This halter neck top, from Penneys has appeared on my blog, and Instagram before. It’s quite old stock, but it’s kept quite well for the amount of wears I’ve had from it. It was approximately €6 when I picked it up. Again, with a pair of trusty black skinny jeans- I’m all about the warmth at the moment. And, it also means less tanning time. I picked this pair of shoes up from Penneys during Hallowe’en for €18, and I absolutely adore them.


Would you wear these outfits? What was your favourite?
Hoping everyone is staying safe during this truly testing time,


  1. Charity Week sounds amazing! It’s so cool that your student union has this integrated into school culture. Is it just for your university or many universities throughout Ireland?

    One of my colleagues is from Ireland and she cannot stop gushing about Pennys haha. I love how Pennys is mentioned throughout the week! Your sweater from H&M is so adorable and such a great steal! I agree, all about warmth nowadays as well.

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