My Isolation Playlist

I would say that I haven’t done a music playlist this year, but I have unfortunately not 70540058_414637256079830_2733351718711459840_nposted a lot this year as of yet. Perhaps this quarantine/ social distancing craic will give me time to change that. That said, social distancing is crap. I miss Limerick, and I miss my friends! Also, is it me, or is it difficult to come up with ideas suitable to the time we’re in? Hmmm.

I celebrated my 21st birthday last Friday, and didn’t get to do the plans I’d made. I did spend the evening with my family, and it was a fab evening, all things considering. I made a playlist of the songs I’d been loving recently, and that I would’ve played at ‘prinks’ had I celebrated in Limerick.

This playlist has a mix of older songs that have resurfaced for me recently, as well as maybe one or two new. I love an old classic though, so enjoy these throwbacks!


Born Slippy, Underworld

From Paris to Berlin, Infernal

Around the World, Daft Punk

Subzero, Ben Klock

Resurrection, PPK

Roses, Imanbek Remix

Eurodancer, Mangoo

Pour Mes Gens, Evil Grimace

Faded, ZHU

Techno Disco Tool, Mella Dee

Not Exactly, deadmau5

Need to Feel Loved, Reflekt


Do any of these songs give you major throwback vibes?
Is there any you haven’t heard of?


  1. I have been listening to old favorites and new songs alike and even doing a little bit of dancing. I am sorry your plans went awry; I feel like so many plans have been thrown out of sync, but I am glad you had a celebration all the same. πŸ™‚

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  2. Sorry you didn’t get to celebrate how you’d planned! These are awful times for everyone. Itn glad you managed to have a nice night with your family though! From Paris to Berlin gives me major throwback memories x


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  3. I love a good playlist, anything with Born Slippy in gets a πŸ‘ from me. Music is going to be vital for me to get that bit of β€œalone time” that I’m not able to get at the moment.

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