Netflix Review: Too Hot to Handle

When a new Love Island/ Love is Blind type of series was tipped to be heading to Netflix, you can bet I was hot off the mark to add that to my Watch List, and just as quickly to get stuck straight into the series. Definitely the type of reality TV that would get me through a few days of lockdown.

Initially, I felt the cringe-fest was up to the nines, and almost too much and unbearable, but as the first episode went on, and I got stuck into the second episode I figured I actually liked this show, and I was able to settle into it. It’s interesting that I had so many high opinions from the first half of the show, as did many people from what I’ve seen on social media, but as I watched the 8th and final episode, I noticed a lot of these opinions changed.

Again, with the first episode I felt like I had so much questions, I hadn’t read much about the show prior to watching, and anything I did read didn’t give much information anyway. I felt there was an air of uncertainty about the actual point, and how this would benefit the contestants- was this for genuine love or for money? These questions were soon answered. I felt very conscious of overly comparing it to Love Island as the first I had heard of this new show was when it was directly linked and compared to Love Island.

Too Hot To Handle is a reality tv show/ experiment where a group of singles are put into a house together, and in a bid too win a whopping prize fund of 100,000 must abstain from kissing or sleeping with anyone else. The experiment is said to help the singles in teaching them how to build deeper connections with their partners.

I found it really interesting that they mixed people from across the globe, there was a steady mix of American and English contestants, as well as Canadian, and also an Irish contestant, in Cork’s Nicole O’Brien. It would be interesting to see how, if contestants that were based in different countries fell in love, would get on after the show.

I believe the retreat is a month long, but as the show itself was only 8 40 minute episodes I found the timeline difficult to sometimes follow in terms of it only being episode 8, but they’ve been together a whole month; this was something to factor in when looking at the contestants and their relationships.

As the episodes went on, I started looking at the experiment more deeper. If what we are shown is to be believed Sharron is one person that really benefitted from the experiment. He went into the show, and had pretty much stated that he was there for the “memories” only, but left with a girlfriend in Rhonda. I didn’t rate ShaRhonda at the beginning, but by the end they really pulled through and showed they were serious about the retreat, as well as each other. Their relationship grew stronger as a result which was wholesome to watch.


I found the whole Harry and Francesca situation boring at first, but in fairness, again they both did benefit from the experiment, right? Everyone was raving about Harry but to be honest he annoyed me, and I felt he was too innocent, which resulted in him being immature and childish. That said, this couple pulled through, and proved that they can be resilient if they wanted in the final episode. In my opinion, neither of them really cared about money, and that’s the clear reason they spent much. I do think they showed a lack of respect to their housemates on that front, though they showed their sorries by winning it all back, showing they’ve come full circle, and actually learned from the retreat.

toohottohandle-season1-episode3-00-16-05-10r-1-1587481548Another duo that made big marks on the show, and the dynamics was Haley and Francesca. To be fair, they did stir the pot, and made for some great drama. I find it ironic that Haley embarked on a retreat of self- growth but ended up not really being arsed, only to wind everyone up. That said, she added to the drama that viewers love, and I did miss her causing trouble when she was kicked off the retreat.

Am I being bias when I say that Nicole was one of my favourites? I felt she came across so well, and seemed a great friend to everyone in there. Even though, it was a dating show, I was living for the Chloe and Nicole friendship that blossomed. They seemed to bond from the very start, and I was here for it!

And then, David was probably my favourite of the guys, he seemed so genuine from the start, and I felt pretty sorry for him in his multiple efforts at trying to form connections with the girls. I’m really intrigued to see if anything will come between him and Lydia. 

The workshops were both great and awful, in my opinion. I loved the final one, where the contestants confronted the awful names they had been subjected to, and ran into the ocean to wash it away. It showed that they really had grown since the first episode.

As I mentioned at the beginning, it was interesting to see how the prize pot would be divided, and if it would be divided amongst all the contestants. I found it interesting that everyone got a share of the prize. Do you think it should have been the contestants that found bonds alone, or everyone? All in all, Too Hot to Handle is the perfect bingeworthy, trash television that will fill the Love Island shape for a short while.


Have you seen Too Hot to Handle?
Who was your favourite?



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