A Day in the Life – Lockdown Edition

Hey everyone; remember me? It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted, despite the length of my list of ideas. College from home really took over; trying to adapt to a new norm, and attend online lectures etc took some getting used to. 


I’ve seen a few ‘Day in the Life’ style posts and vlogs around recently, and I absolutely adore reading or watching them, so I thought I’d do my own! Not that my lockdown days are particularly entertaining, but I do try to be as productive as possible, where I can anyway.

I’ve been at home in Cork since March 17th.  Surprisingly, I haven’t been all that bored, thanks to the heap of college reading and assignments I’ve been working away on.  At the start of all of this I saw my friend post a ‘Quarantine To-Do List’ and I thought, “Great idea, I’m going to make a list of all the tasks- big or small I want to get done over the next few weeks.” You can find that post here. There’s always something to do.

I’ve really tried to keep a routine, sometimes it’s hard but recently I’ve tried to be a bit more strict on myself, so I was actually able to get assignments done. I’ve been keeping up with my planner, and I’ve been doing ‘Priority Lists’ inspired by Chloe from A Little Insight. I’ve also been trying to do weekly lists, which I only started recently.

I try to wake up relatively early, my sisters have zoom classes so we generally are up for 9ish. I’ve been trying to read a small bit in the mornings also. I’m currently reading Anna Burns Milkman. I ordered it on the basis that I was going to do an Irish Contemporary assignment on the book, but it came too late, and even with an extension on the essay added, I decided to stick with Conversations with Friends, oops.

Breakfast is normally something egg- based, today was scrambled egg on toast, with a mug of tea. After breakfast I did the morning ritual, brushed my teeth, moisturized and put on quite a lot of sunscreen. I’ve been doing a lot of outside reading lately, and I love it so much. It’s the perfect hobby to be doing whilst outside and catching some Vitamin D.


I’m currently reading Milkman, and I’m really enjoying it. My pet peeve is long chapters, and I will say that this book has pretty long chapters, but I’m getting through it slowly but surely. I read a chapter, and my sisters and I went on our daily run. Running daily is a big goal of mine, and I’m delighted that I’m actually sticking to it, not sure if I’m really feeling the benefits sometimes though.

IMG_5637I’m currently loving Home and Away (I go through phases), so I was back from my run with just enough time to make a cup of tea in time for it’s early showing. Dinner seems to be very early in comparison to pre-Covid 19, but I guess that’s the new norm now. We had dinner about an hour after Home and Away. I spent some more time outside in the sun; this time with my music on and having a lil dance before dinner. Salad was the perfect dinner for a day like today. The weather was scorching (for me anyway!) and something nice and cold was perfect. We’d been speaking about having a salad for ages, and it did not dissappoint!

Normally I’d be straight on my laptop, but the weather (as I’ve said) was just so good so I went outside, and just enjoyed the sun for a little while. I did a few chore- bits then; on returning home from Limerick I’ve some bits that need washing, and so I got two loads on and then helped around by washing the dishes after dinner. Somehow it’s half four, and I’m sitting down to my laptop with another cup of tea. I’d some bits such as paying college fees, and some work questionnaires to do, and just general sorting through emails. I signed up for a LinkedIn workshop next week which I’m excited for

I’ve been religiously tuning into the Virgin Media News at 5.30; this one in particular as that’s where updates of cases for Covid19 will be first released. I have got a little bit sick of the news of late, it’s so important not to get bogged down, and be glued to it every second it’s on, but I’ve sussed that once a day is okay for me, personally.

I’m definitely watching a lot more TV than I used to before Covid, and I’ve been watching all the soaps, and particularly following  the Geoff and Yasmeen storyline in Coronation Street particularly. My parents and I have also started watching Red Rock, and we’re hooked, definitely my favourite piece of TV at the minute. Nothing except Red Rock is on this evening, and it’s not on until 8.30pm so I spent the earlier part of my evening working on my TEFL course. 


I ended my day with a zoom quiz with my friends which was so much fun. We’ve ‘zoom pubbed’ quite a lot over the last few weeks, but have finally taken a step to the next level, and brought a quiz in for a bit of fun. I played the role of tea- totaller for the evening as I’ve to be up for a job interview early tomorrow. I wouldn’t drink every night, but perhaps Thursdays, Friday and Saturday, just to get that pre- weekend/ weekend feeling. I find the nights are pretty boring, and I don’t know why that is, they seem longer almost.


What’s a typical day in lockdown look like for you?
Do you do any things similar to me?



  1. Zoom calls can be so fun especially if you’re doing a quiz – it’s a great way to end the day. I love that you mentioned home and away I used to be addicted to the show x

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  2. Sounds like you’ve really got your lockdown grove going.

    I am still working, from home but I try to keep to my work hours. I’ve had a week off though this week and oh man it has been lovely! Just slowing down, enjoying the sunshine and getting little jobs done has been lovely x x


  3. Oof. I dearly miss quarantine because I got to work from home while being with family. However, even as a huge introvert, I was slowly going mad because I wanted OUT. Keeping a routine was hugely important in maintaining sanity 😅

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