2020 Mid Year Reading List

Year in, year out one of my main goals is to read more. I’ve always loved reading and writing. I’m almost finished my degree of studying English, so it only makes sense really. That said, I think my college readings and study take over quite a lot, and I always get off to a great start in January whilst I have the spare time, and then completely forget and neglect my reading for personal enjoyment.

With a little help from the wonderful GoodReads website and the challenge you can set yourself for a reading goal for the year, I think I’ve gotten off to a better start than other years. I’ve played myself down and given myself a goal to read at least 20 books this year. So far I’ve read 13, which I’m pretty proud of to be honest. Baby steps and that. Halfway through the year and I’ve more than half of my challenge completed!

My 2020 Books so far..

I think I’ve had a good mix of reading over the last few months, from college readings, my own readings, and most recently book club recommendations. As is always the case with the start of the year, and not being in college for essentially the first month of the year I get a good start on reading for enjoyment. Tattooist of Auschwitz is possibly one of my all-time fave reads, and so when Cilka’s Journey was released by the same author I had to get it , and was so chuffed to get it as a Christmas pressie. I also got the third book in the Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling series, but quickly found the first two in my local bookshop! The whole series is amazing. I was crying laughing for the duration, though it deals with real topics too it had a good balance.

I had recently seen Lolita on Netflix (I don’t believe it’s there anymore) and it had caught my eye. I wanted to read the book first, and picked this up on my holidays in England last August. I think this is a book I’ll have to reread sometime, as I found it quite difficult to understand quite alot in the first part. That said, the second half of the book was more easier to understand (probably because I’d adapted to the style). I don’t think I really enjoyed the main storyline, but that said I got over it considering it didn’t go into too much detail. The second half of the book was full of plot twists which is always great! Must definitely watch the movie when I source it!

lolita book

Asking for It, by Louise O’Neill has been on my ‘tbr pile’ since the book came out in 2015 and a trip to the college library for some college readings had be picking it up also. I devoured it, and thoroughly recommend this book to everyone. It is an extremely poignant and difficult story, but one that I believe needs to be heard again and again.

The Bluest Eye, The Female Man, Conversations with Friends and Milkman were all college reads for different classes I took in the final semester of my degree. The Bluest Eye is truly brilliant, and again, a read I recommend everyone read at some stage. Toni Morrison is an author I’d studied previously. The novel deals extensively with race and racism, and what it means to be a child of colour growing up in the 1970s.

Another poignant read that I’ve found very informative and thought- provoking is my most recent read Girl, Woman, Other by the incredibly talented Bernadine Evaristo. This book took me a chapter or two to get into, I will admit. The writing style is different, but once I’d settled into Evaristo’s style I couldn’t put the book down. I’m sure any avid readers have seen something or another about this amazing novel recently, or have probably read it already! The premise is that each chapter is a new story of an individual woman living in London. The idea is amazing, and again there is a lot of racial issues dealt with extensively in the novel. I didn’t want the chapters to end, and I certainly didn’t want the novel to end.

Finally, I’ve found so many great recommendations for books from fellow instagram and blog accounts recently. Over lockdown I finally joined the amazing community that is Beth’s Book Club, and I love it! Blood Orange and The Flat Share were monthly reads for the club, and I thoroughly enjoyed both. They are very very different genres, which showed me that there was a book for everyone in the club. Blood Orange was such a fantastic read- it’s a genre I would never have thought to pick up, so it really does show you should never judge a book by it’s cover because it has be gripped and I’m currently on the look out for some similar reads!

My next read is Sarah Haywood’s The Cactus, which was a Beth’s Book Club book of the month before I’d joined. It is said to be highly comparable to Gail Honeywood’s Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine which I read when I was in Prague, and LOVED. I loved it so much I tried my hand at a book review on the blog.

Have you read any of these books, or are any on your TBR list? I would love to know your thoughts if so!
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  1. Congrats on (almost) finishing your degree! This is a great list of books. Eleanor Oliphant is very high up on my TBR pile. I’ll have to check out Asking For It – it sounds like such a difficult read but also an important one.

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  2. My goal is always to read more and luckily lockdown gave me the chance to do that! I started the Flat Share after hearing rave reviews about it but I couldn’t quite get into it, I might have to give it another go through!

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  3. I read Lolita as part of a censorship course that I took in college. I will be honest, I was pretty skeptical after reading a little about the plot and the reasons why it was censored. However, I also found there were some really interesting plot twists and I found myself respecting it for what it was and the time that it was written. I have started trying to read more this summer. I just got home from a camping trip and finished 2 books while we were there last week.

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