2020 Wrapped

Haven’t written a post in ages. I miss it! When Spotify Wrapped came back the other week I knew I had to do a post on some of the songs that popped up on my top songs of 2020. I’ve done them previous years, as I love looking back and having a lil giggle over the memories they bring! Seeing people’s top songs and artists isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but personally I love having an ole’ snoop inside people’s music preferences!

I think this year I listened to a lot more techno, and I know well that a lot of techno songs will be in my top songs. Songs that not everyone will be raging about.. oh well!

Pop, House, Rap, Europop and Electro House were my top 5 genres. I’m a little surprised at rap, and I’m kinda surprised that pop was number one.

Resurection by PPK was my most listened song, which is pretty fitting and not much of a surprise to me. A song that will forever remind of Charity Week!

Everything I wanted, Billie Eilish

No surprise to see Billie Eilish songs are in my top 100. I adore her, and have for a long time. She definitely cropped up in the 2018 Unwrapped analysis also. Following her most recent release, Therefore I am, I started relistening her older music and realized how amazing she is, again. This is definitely one of my favourite Eilish songs, but I could probably say that about every song of hers I listen to. What’s your fave Billie Eilish song?

9TS (90s Baby), Redlight

I think along with lots of Techno this year I consumed a lot of this type of genre. The older pop songs like this. I just find it impossible not to get up and dance when listening to songs like this.

Bellissima, DJ Quicksilver

One of my favourite songs of the year. I discovered the name only around Summer, even though I’ve definitely heard it before and it’s from 1997. The song is older than myself!

Techno toujours pareil, Salut C’est Cool

Ah, this is a song I had actually forgotten about. I definitely went overboard when I’d found this first and played it until everyones ears could take no more. It’s about now that I wish I paid more attention to Leaving Cert French so I could sing along and not butcher the lyrics, oops.

Physical, Dua Lipa

Slightly surprised here, but definitely gonna run with it. Dua Lipa is pretty unreal to be fair, and when this song came out first it was on repeat. It was recently that I copped how many Dua Lipa songs I actually know and really like.

Komodo, Mauro Picotto

Mauro Picotto, I believe is one of my top artists of the year. Purely for replaying this song and Iguana copious amounts of times, unnecessarily. A song I will never get sick of. This is so 90s trance, and definitely a song many people will think isn’t great, but I’m here for it!

Apricots, bicep

According to Spotify stats I actually copped this song before it hit 50,000 streams, just saying. Bicep are definitely a duo that I’ve discovered this year, and I’m thankful for that because I really enjoy the music they produce. Definitely an act I want to see live at some stage or another. For now, spotify will have to do. Maybe they’ll do a virtual concert that I can virtually attend.

MUSIC SOUNDs better with you, stardust

I was compiling a playlist of all those feel good songs a few months back, and stumbled across this gem of a song. Honestly, it’s just a perfect song, I have no other words haha. So vibey, and instantly puts you into a way better mood!

El fuego de la catalunya, Roland Cristal

This is another song I knew to hear but had never known the song or artist. Up until about a month ago. I checked and this is number 12 on the list, which clarifies how obsessive I get when I find a song I like. I’ve definitely been wrecking everyones heads with this, as I always break it out.

Ready to flow, nikolai

Another song older thn myself (1994), but one that I absolutely adore. With Covid and lockdowns etc I spent Summer at home in Cork, but when restrictions allowed I visited my friends in Limerick a few times, and this was a song that we discovered, and one that will always remind me of our results evening, such a nice Summer evening, and this song just reminds me of that.

What were some of your top songs/ artists/ genres of 2020? Do you think your music taste changed this year?

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