July Reflection

Hey everyone! Happy end of July! This month I’m not going to bang on about how time is flying. I know, we get it, blah blah blah!

July, for me, has been a proper mixed bag of emotions for a month! I finished my placement with I Love Limerick and got my Summer holidays, so I’ve been enjoying some leisuring at home in Cork for the last week or two. I think by about next week, I’ll probably be complaining about being bored though, but I’m going to try and channel this spare time into my blog, and other fun productive things! I’ve been organizing my Pinterest account over the last week or so, and I have a little section in one of my boards for small fun things to do, so I guess I’ll probably tackle that sooner rather than later!

36760839_10157669439246110_124283996925329408_oThe start of July seems so far away now to be honest! We’re still enjoying the scorching weather that we’ve had for a few weeks now, and I was still getting over the sunburn I got the first weekend of July up until last week! We went to the beach the first Sunday, and the weather was actually kinda chilly so I didn’t think, which was the biggest mistake ever, but I’ve learned my lesson: Beach Breeze = Sunburn, and lots of it!

Our second last week of placement was Limerick Pride Week, which was a fun end to our six-month placement! The parade itself was crazy! There was so much running around, and, though the outgoing placement students were only helping the new students at their first event, it was still quite a busy day! It was great fun though, and a fab experience to be a part of!

As many of you may know I had been contributing to an online magazine, The Growing Up Guide. I was delighted when my application to become the University editor was reviewed, and I was accepted, and I loved being the Uni editor. Unfortunately, TGUG had reached some difficulties in terms of getting enough content etc, and the decision was taken to cease the online magazine. I’m sad, obviously, but I’ve learned so much during my time with TGUG, as well as met loads of lovely bloggers!

Cora’s 21st birthday was a few days before our end of placement so we had double celebrations on Friday the 13th. We had also seen on Facebook that Bullmans in Limerick had a Friday the 13th tattoo offer for €31. It was small pre-made designs. Cora, Ryan, and Eimear had all found something they liked, but I was very unsure of any of the ones that had been pre-designed.

Thursday we found out that Devil’s Ink were doing the same deal, but you could bring your own design in! I went off to Pinterest for the night, trying to decide my perfect tattoo. I was very fixed on getting a cloud of some sort because I have my ‘head in the clouds’ but I wanted it on my side.

Ryan and Eimear were dead set on their designs, and the three of us went to the parlour first thing Friday. I realized I was sickeningly scared and simply couldn’t go through with as I could barely tolerate the thought of going through the process. The three of us were able to go in together, so I got to watch as Eimear get her second, and Ryan get his first, which added fuel to my fire, as they didn’t seem at all in pain or agony.

For Cora’s birthday, we went to the Jasmine Palace for their all-you-can-eat buffet for our lunch. It was amazing- I’m still in awe of the food ahah!

37739137_2146923028670554_4638700636869754880_n.jpgIn a turn of events, Cora and I went to Devil’s Ink after our lunch, and I had finally settled on a very simple and cute tattoo that Eimear had found on Pinterest. I had said recently I wanted to get a tattoo in Prague, something that would be linked to travel.

So, I decided to bring my plans forward, and got this cute little heart with a plane linked to it, to signify the next major chapter in my life; going to Prague for the semester! We had a fabulous last night out in town for Cora’s birthday and the end of our semester/placement.


I moved back to Cork properly on the 15th and spent most of the first week trying to get most of my stuff tidily back into my old room, which was actually very hard, but I think I’ve gotten there now!

Tinchy Stryder played in the nightclub at home the other week, so for a bit of ‘craic’ my friends and I decided we’d go. It was actually a really good night, and those are a rare find where I live!

37864379_2148425448520312_5836787012538990592_n.pngOther than that I’ve been searching for a part-time job to no success, but I’ll keep trying! Eimear and I have also been looking for accommodation in Prague, and if I thought trying to get somewhere to live in Limerick was hard, Prague proved a lot tougher. But I think we found somewhere, so that’s really exciting. I’ve been trying my hand at some new dishes, and wanna continue to do so in August! I recently tried homemade iced coffee (the weather is almost too warm for normal coffee!), and it was delicious! I’ve also been watching lots of Netflix and as you all know am sooo hooked on Friends and Gossip Girl right now! I also started OITNB the other day, as I’m completed Season 2 of both Gossip Girl and Friends and said I’d take a few days break from them!

With the extra time, I’m excited to invest more time into my blog over the next few weeks! I have so many post ideas, and I’m excited to get sharing them all. I’m really trying to organize my Pinterest at the moment, and make it more compatible with my blog, as well as learn how to actually use it for my blog!

I’m also really excited to be going to Indiependance again this year which is this weekend, so hopefully, I’ll be able to share some posts on that!


How has your July been? What are your plans for August?



  1. Small and subtle. I can deal with that kind of tattoo! It also has a significance for you, which I think is important. I do worry when people get enormous tattoos that they may come to regret it at some point in the future. That really does make me sound old!

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  2. Wow I love your tattoo! It’s so cute! You sound like you had a super bush and hectic July! My July was pretty rubbish to be honest, not much happened, I had some naff mental health days and I’ve not enjoyed the scorching weather to be honest! But we’re one day into August and it’s already been better so I have high hopes for this month! Orange is the New Black is one of my favourite shows EVER! I started the new season when it was released, loving it so far xxx

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    • Aw, thank youu!! I’m sorry you had a poor July, but I’m wishing you all the best for August! It’s a fresh start, right? I’m so hooked on OITNB, I’m trying not to read any tweets about the new season as I don’t want to ruin a single thing! xxx

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  3. Oh your tattoo is so cute! Good luck on finding a part time job! It took forever to find mine, but now that I have it, I feel like it’s taken over my summer haha. I just wish I had more time to focus on my blog! Hope you have an amazing August x

    Evie x | https://eviejayne.co.uk

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    • I cant wait to see the tattoo! I’m really starting to fall for larger tattoos but for my first I had to keep it simple and small because I was so scared of it being permanent! But I’m obsessed!


  4. Man! what would it be like to be young again.. Anyway, my wife and I have been planning and working on own blog projects, now and again I am being pulled in to doing the photography for my wife’s blog (I am a photographer after all). Now that my daughter has finished school for the summer, its all about keeping her active and doing stuff. That’s why wife and I have been night owls for a long time. Keeping our daughter busy during the day, then doing blog work at night…

    John M

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